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2020-12-15Consumer take Positive View on Wider Import of Beers한국소비자원
2020-12-15Consumer Evaluation on Product Market Exceeds 80 pts for the First Time한국소비자원
2020-12-11Authenticated replacement auto parts shows same quality and cheaper price than OEM parts한국소비자원
2020-12-09Many replaceable mask filters falsely/excessively advertising performance/quality한국소비자원
2020-12-04Cautions on Loss/Theft during Delivery from Foreign Online Shopping Malls to Freight Forwarder한국소비자원
2020-11-27Quality & A/S complaints takes the largest Complaints on Quality & A/S the highest for Electronic Appliances Directly Purchased from Overseas한국소비자원
2020-11-18Rise in Consumer Damage from Gym Membership Termination due to COVID-19한국소비자원
2020-11-09Mini Electric Rice Cookers show different performance (Taste/Rice cooking) after Keeping Warm한국소비자원
2020-11-06Home Water Purifiers require Regular Hygiene Control한국소비자원
2020-11-02Caution required for Infant caught inside Massage Chair한국소비자원
2020-10-26Training on Non-face-to-face Transactions (e-Commerce, Kiosk, etc.) required for Elderly Consumers한국소비자원
2020-10-13ALERT: Watch out for Smishers impersonating KCA!한국소비자원
2020-10-08MFDS-KIPO-KCA Joint Inspection Results on Masks한국소비자원
2020-09-29Functionality and durability different per (running) athletic shoes한국소비자원
2020-09-25Voluntary recall of certain nursing pillows due to detection of harmful substances한국소비자원
2020-09-23Korea Consumer Agency holds online workshop with agencies under MoU on cross-border transactions한국소비자원
2020-09-17Consumer complaints rising over communication quality of 5G service한국소비자원
2020-09-14Harmful substances detected from several camping chairs and picnic mats한국소비자원
2020-08-27Metallic foreign bodies (metal powder) found in spices over the permitted limits한국소비자원
2020-08-18All probiotic products meet lactobacillus and safety standards한국소비자원