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2014-12-17Korea Consumer Agency hold 'Partnership Program on Strengthening Consumer Affairs Activity and Specialist(Vietnam)'한국소비자원
2014-12-17When Purchasing Electric Toothbrushes, Check Information, such as Quality, Maintenance Expenditure, etc.한국소비자원
2014-12-17KCA, Started Supporting Reorganization of Consumer Complaint Handling System in Developing Countries한국소비자원
2014-11-21Korea Consumer Agency hosted ‘Fellowship Program of Partnership Program on Strengthening Consumer Affairs Activity and Specialist (Vietnam)’한국소비자원
2014-11-21Ramyun, Necessary to reduce Saturated Fat and Sodium for your Healthier Dietary Life한국소비자원
2014-11-21Cosmetic Procedures, sign a contract after Fully Understanding Explanation of dermatologist한국소비자원
2014-11-21Amazon Leads the way in Frequency of Usage, iHerb does better in consumer satisfaction한국소비자원
2014-11-21Started Supporting Vitalization of Consumer Policy in the Central Asia한국소비자원
2014-11-21Increase in Consumer Complaints Related to TV Home shopping한국소비자원
2014-08-26Sugar Makes up 50% of Instant Coffee Mix, and Caffeine Content has Variability among Products, about Twice Difference한국소비자원
2014-08-26Most Users Experienced Complaints and Damages of Overseas Direct Purchase Despite Its Merit of 30% Lower Price한국소비자원
2014-08-26Overweight Baggage Fees Vary Vastly In Prices Depending on Different Airlines한국소비자원
2014-07-16KCA Hosted Consumer Protection Workshop with Delegation from Uzbekistan한국소비자원
2014-07-16KCA arranged Agreement between VCA and Korean Enterprises한국소비자원
2014-06-19Unifying Online Counseling System for E-commerce to Promote Consumers' Convenience한국소비자원
2014-06-19Users Report Burn Injuries from iPhone Lightening Cables한국소비자원
2014-06-19Are the Smartphone plans for the disabled smart enough?한국소비자원
2014-04-15McDonald’s Leads the Way in User Convenience, BURGER KING does better in Customer Satisfaction한국소비자원
2014-04-15Increase in Consumer Complaints about Direct Purchase from Foreign Businesses한국소비자원
2014-03-12Training Course for Consumer Instructors Run by Korea Consumer Agency in the 1st Half of 2014한국소비자원