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2012-08-06The Opreating Performance of Smart Consumer in Korea한국소비자원
2012-06-27Imported Cars: More service centers and Rationalized billing standard for repair cost are needed한국소비자원
2012-06-27Users of ‘Arm and Hammer Spinbursh’ Should be more cautious against consumer injury한국소비자원
2012-06-27High Frequency of Childhood Swallowing and Poisoning Countermeasures are Urgently Needed한국소비자원
2012-06-27The KCA held the 2012 Fraud Prevention Month Webtoon Contest한국소비자원
2012-06-27Consumer should be more cautious when using air passenger/ transportation service한국소비자원
2012-06-27Consumer detriment rises sharply regarding summer camp한국소비자원
2012-06-27Disabled Access to Public Toilets in a Park한국소비자원
2012-06-27E-commerce Consumer Detriment한국소비자원
2012-04-01Performance of Evaporative Humidifier is Irrelevant to Price- Tong Yang Magic and WiniaMando Products were found to have relatively excellent quality한국소비자원
2012-04-01The KCA signs an MOU with the DPDC of Brazil: Benefit to consumer empowerment in both nations한국소비자원
2012-03-28Consumers should be more careful with advertisement for general foods claiming to be healthy and functional한국소비자원
2012-03-27Mediation Decision by the CDSC: Bank should return expenses for putting up collateral security한국소비자원
2012-03-26The KCA President attended the ICPEN conference and made a presentation on 'Best Practice in Consumer Education for the Vulnerable Population'한국소비자원
2012-03-26Engine oil change: It is unnecessary to change your oil every 5,000km한국소비자원
2012-03-19KCA developed a functional game for child safety한국소비자원
2012-03-192011 National Survey on Awareness of Consumption한국소비자원
2011-12-07Celebrating Ceremony for the 16th Consumer Day was held in Korea under the theme of 'Consumer Sovereignty'한국소비자원
2011-12-05Marking Systems for Country of Origin for online shopping malls greatly differ, depending on item of goods한국소비자원
2011-11-28Hairdye products need improvement for false labeling and exaggerated advertisement한국소비자원