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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-08-08Beware of Consumer Damages from Airline Services!한국소비자원
2008-07-15Imported multi vitamins and laundry detergent are much more expensive than other countries한국소비자원
2008-06-30Indications for over-the-counter medications are hard to read due to small letters and difficult terminology한국소비자원
2008-06-30Consumer education symposium, on the job training, and site tour programs한국소비자원
2008-06-30Seminar and Forum, hosted by the Korea Consumer Agency한국소비자원
2008-06-23Overseas Travel Packages(Discrepancy between internet and actual prices)한국소비자원
2008-06-04Survey of 7 item prices between Korea and other countries한국소비자원
2008-05-23The Need to enhance safety measures to prevent accidents in children swallowing objects한국소비자원
2008-04-28Cross-border consumer complaints increased by 3.7%한국소비자원
2008-04-11The Commencement of the CADR procedure over the issue of Hana TV한국소비자원
2008-03-26The KCA, Cross-Border Consumer Complaints Handling한국소비자원
2008-03-26Myung-Hee Park, President of KCA, Invitational Speech for the Japanese Cabinet Office한국소비자원
2008-03-26Imported Toys for Children, Tighter Safety Measures Are Called for Immediately한국소비자원
2008-03-26The Cooperation with Australian NSW OFT in handling Cross Border Complaints한국소비자원
2008-03-26Activation of the Collective Alternative Dispute Resolution System한국소비자원
2008-03-262007 Cross-border Consumer Complaints Analysis한국소비자원
2008-03-26Be Careful When Using the lithium Ion Battery한국소비자원
2008-03-26The 12th Consumers’ Day Celebration한국소비자원
2007-10-12Check the Local Summer Time (Daylight Saving Time) System Before Traveling Abroad!한국소비자원
2007-10-12Dangerous Caps on Kid-oriented Beverage Containers한국소비자원