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2013공정무역제품 구매태도 및 의도에 따른 정보요구 = A Study on Information Needs according to Purchase Attitude and Intention of Fair Trade Products류미현
2013수입 농식품 소비행동에 관한 탐색적 연구 = An Exploratory Study on Consumer Behavior on Imported Agro-product : Focused on Imported Fruit이원준
2013온라인을 통한 소비자분쟁조정 운영 방안 연구 = A Study on the operation of Consumer Dispute Settlement Commission through online means김혜진
2013온라인 소비자 불매운동의도의 영향요인에 관한 연구 = Influence of Anonymity to Consumer's Boycott Intention in the Online Environment이윤재
2013경쟁정책과 소비자정책의 관련성 고찰 = A Studies on The Relations between Monopoly Regulations Act and Consumer Acts홍명수
2013리콜과 기업가치 = Analysis on the Effect of the Recall on the Enterprise Value박문수
2014식품 위해에 대한 소비자 불안이 친환경상품 구매와 식품 소비생활 만족에 미치는 영향 = Effect of Consumer Anxiety about Food Hazards on the Purchase of Environment-Friendly Products and Satisfaction of Food Consumption : The Moderating Effect of Gender and Income전상민
2014소비자안전확보를 위한 정부의 소비자안전정보 정책의 효율성 제고 방향 = Direction of government`s effective safety information policy to obtain consumer safety : focused on consumer’s safety information behavior and reviewing safety information system in foreign country허경옥
2014소비자의 생애주기별 사회적 참여 소비생활 만족도에 관한 연구 = Satisfaction of Consumption Life through Social Participation by Life Cycle : Focus on the Main Effects and Interaction Effects of Consumer Competency김시월
2014외국항공사의 서비스 품질이 소비자 만족도 및 충성도에 미치는 영향 = Influences Service Quality of Foreign Airlines has on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty서인주
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